«The Veteran (2011)»

The Veteran (2011)

Release Date: 2011
Genres: Drama / Romance / War /
Country: UK   
Cast: Harry Treadaway ( Duncan Pearce ), Anna Wilson-Jones ( Julia Standing ), Liam Garrigan ( Reggie Nigri ), Claudie Blakley ( Nancy ), Kenneth Cranham ( Horace Mundy ), Colin Mace ( Harry Hughes ), Richard Cambridge ( Policeman ), Claire Foy ( Helen ), Anna Maxwell Martin ( Kay ), Alex Waldmann ( Alec ), Jodie Whittaker ( Viv ), Jenna Augen ( Iris Knight ), Neal Barry ( Mr. Bryant ), Claudie Blakley ( Nancy Carmichael ), Lucy Briers ( Binkie ), Charles Early ( Prisoner #1(as Chas Early) ), JJ Feild ( Robert Fraser ), Claire Foy ( Helen Giniver ), Richard Huw ( James Imrie ), Caitlin Innes Edwards ( O'Neil ), Phillip Langhorne ( Cyclist ),
Rating: 7
;The Veteran


In post-war London Viv Pearce, seeing married spiv Reggie, runs a dating bureau with Helen Giniver, who lives with her older lover, authoress Julia Standing. Viv's younger brother Duncan, a tormented homosexual, has been in prison and is sought out by his - straight - ex-cellmate Robert Fraser, who served time as a conscientious objector and is now concerned for the boy's welfare. Viv encounters Kay Langrish, a wealthy, reclusive butch lesbian and for both women this evokes memories of 1944 when Kay was an heroic ambulance driver and Helen was Kay's girlfriend, before Kay introduced her to her ex-lover Julia. Viv had an illegal abortion, funded by Reggie, and, after she needed hospital treatment, Kay saved her from prosecution by claiming she was a married woman who had miscarried. Three years earlier Kay and Julia are still an item and Viv meets unhappily married soldier Reggie on a train. Kay pulls Helen from the wreckage of a bombed house whilst we learn why Duncan was in prison following a suicide pact with the boy he loved. As the scene returns to 1947 there are happier endings for some, not for others but there is still optimism.



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