«The Lost Tribe (2010)»

The Lost Tribe (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Adventure / Thriller /
Country: USA    Australia   
Cast: Emily Foxler ( Anna ), Nick Mennell ( Tom ), Marc Bacher ( Joe ), Brianna Brown ( Alexis ), Hadley Fraser ( Chris ), Maxine Bahns ( Maya ), Ryan Alosio ( Marcus ), Lance Henriksen ( Gallo ), Terry Notary ( Alpha Male ), Peter David Parasiliti ( Alpha Male(voice) ), Mohit Ramchandani ( Male in Church ),
Rating: 3.8
;The Lost Tribe


While navigating with his girlfriend Alexis and his partners and friends Chris and Tom and his girlfriend Anna to a close a Broadband Internet access business in Asia in the motor pleasure yacht of Joe, they rescue a wounded drowned man in shock. During the night, the stranger overrides the automatic pilot and steers the vessel to change the direction; however he accidentally wrecks on a rock and the vessel sinks. The castaways reach a beach in an island and they try to contact the coast-guard through the radio. However, during the night, the body of the stranger vanishes from the grave and then Tom also disappears. The group decides to seek-out Tom and sooner they find that the wild jungle has hostile inhabitants that hunt in pack and the survivors are the prey.



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