«The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (1921)»

The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse (1921)

Release Date: 1921
Genres: Drama / Romance / War /
Country: USA   
Cast: Pomeroy Cannon ( Madariaga ), Josef Swickard ( Marcelo Desnoyers ), Bridgetta Clark ( Doña Luisa ), Rudolph Valentino ( Julio Desnoyers ), Virginia Warwick ( Chichí ), Alan Hale ( Karl von Hartrott ), Mabel Van Buren ( Elena ), Stuart Holmes ( Otto von Hartrott ), John St. Polis ( Etienne Laurier (as John Sainpolis) ), Alice Terry ( Marguerite Laurier ), Mark Fenton ( Senator Lacour ), Derek Ghent ( René Lacour ), Nigel De Brulier ( Tchernoff (as Nigel de Brulier) ), Bowditch M. Turner ( Argensola (as Brodwitch Turner) ), Edward Connelly ( Lodgekeeper ), Bridgetta Clark ( Do ), Virginia Warwick ( Chich ), John St. Polis ( Etienne Laurier(as John Sainpolis) ), Derek Ghent ( Ren ), Nigel De Brulier ( Tchernoff(as Nigel de Brulier) ), Bowditch M. Turner ( Argensola(as Brodwitch Turner) ),
Rating: 8.2
;The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse


Madariaga is an Argentinian cattle baron with two daughters: one married a Frenchman, the other a German. Madariaga favors his French grandson, Julio, as his heir, but Julio is a wastrel and rake whose greatest achivement is tangoing well. When Madariaga dies, his fortune is split between his daughters. The German side of the family goes back to Berlin, while the French half moves to Paris, where Julio becomes a painter and falls in love with Marguerite, a married woman. When WWI explodes (and is described by the mystic Tchernoff as the coming Apocalypse), and Marguerite's husband is blinded, Julio decides he must join the army, and becomes a reformed character. But Death hasn't finished gathering his harvest yet and Julio must face his own cousin on the battlefield.



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