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Rio Lobo (1970)

Release Date: 1970
Genres: Adventure / Western / Romance / War /
Country: USA   
Cast: John Wayne ( Col. Cord McNally ), Jorge Rivero ( Capt. Pierre Cordona aka Frenchy ), Jennifer O'Neill ( Shasta Delaney ), Jack Elam ( Phillips ), Christopher Mitchum ( Sgt. Tuscarora Phillips ), Victor French ( Ketcham (boss of Rio Lobo) ), Susana Dosamantes ( Maria Carmen (Tuscarora's girlfriend) ), Sherry Lansing ( Amelita ), David Huddleston ( Dr. Ivor Jones (Rio Lobo dentist) ), Mike Henry ( Rio Lobo Sheriff 'Blue Tom' Hendricks ), Bill Williams ( Blackthorne Sheriff Pat Cronin ), Jim Davis ( Rio Lobo Deputy ), Dean Smith ( L / Cpl. Bide ), Robert Donner ( Whitey Carter (Rio Lobo deputy) ), George Plimpton ( 4th Gunman ), Jennifer O'Neill ( Shasta Delaney ),
Rating: 6.6
;Rio Lobo


Col. Cord McNally an ex union officer teams up with a couple of ex Johnny Rebs to search for the traitor who sold information to the South during the Civil War. Their quest brings them to the town of Rio Lobo where they help recover this little Texas town from ruthless outlaws who are led by the traitor they were looking for.



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