«Christmas Mail (2010)»

Christmas Mail (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Thriller /
Cast: Emily Plumtree ( Emma ), Sam Stockman ( James ), Matt Stokoe ( Scott ), Jessica Ellerby ( Lynne ), Simon Roberts ( Vicar ),
Rating: 5.3
;Christmas Mail


Old school friends Emma, James, Scott, and Lynne drive out to a cottage in remote East Anglia. They are happy, enjoying each other's company and the lonely beauty of their surroundings. They uncover a macabre local legend about an evil entity, which lives in this place. Fascinated, they delve into a dark and violent history which leads them to an ancient hollow tree by a ruined monastery. While the legend holds their attention, submerged longings and jealousies emerge between the four. Cracks appear in their relationships and widen. They try to leave. But one of them, increasingly disturbed and tormented, disappears into the night. In an attempt to find him, the others return to the tree, where they are attacked by the entity. Trapped in a broken down car, they find themselves attacked from without by the evil thing and from within by each other.



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