«Body Slam (1986)»

Body Slam (1986)

Release Date: 1986
Genres: Comedy / Musical / Sci-Fi /
Country: Canada   
Cast: George Dawson ( Rob Sanderson ), Andrew Gillies ( Jan Wczinski ), Clarence 'Big' Miller ( Abdulla(as Big Miller) ), Stephen Dimopoulos ( Josef Wczinski ), Georgina Hegedos ( Rosa Wczinski ), Ida Carnevali ( Babushka ), Howard Taylor ( Mayor ), Heather Smith-Harper ( Secretary ), Peter Anderson ( Alderman ), Gillian Neumann ( Mrs. Campbell ), Sharon Wahl ( Nina Wczinski ), Jon Bryden ( Ace ), Shannon Keane ( Kid ), Kim Stebner ( 1st Heavy ), Jay Samwald ( Meat Carrier ),
Rating: 4.7
;Body Slam


After killing the crooked mayor a homicidal janitor named Abdullah goes to work for a butcher who has invented a new language for the town's planned futuristic theme park. In the butcher shop is a septic tank where scraps of meat are dumped which has produced "balonium" a radioactive fuel source sought after by space aliens. The aliens revive the mayor, who's body is hanging in the meat locker of the butcher shop, in an attempt to gain access to the balonium.



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