«Blood Sun Town (2010)»

Blood Sun Town (2010)

Release Date: 2010
Genres: Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller /
Country: USA    Cameroon   
Cast: Christopher Collard ( Redd ), Dominique Rochelle ( Zee ), Amanda Harris ( Lori ), Troy Coe ( Danny Stunner Sr. aka Stone ), Zas Seda ( Danny Stunner Jr. ), Michael Barrett ( Shawn Tripolski ), Andrew Block ( Robert Tripolski ), Jamie Teer ( Mina Chumani / Psychologist ), Ashley Patterson ( Alicia ), Brandon Dion ( Long John ), James Fuentez ( Yahto Yana ), Micky Halstead ( Don ), Sheila Fares ( Nurse Simmons ), Ibrahima Thiam ( Special Guest Performance. ), Chuck Allen ( Maxi ),
Rating: 0
;Blood Sun Town


Crime, love, revenge and fate blend seamlessly in the gritty action thriller Blood Sun Town set in the blistering hot desert town of Sunscorch, California. Lori (Amanda Harris), a troubled young woman struggling hard to find her way falls for Zee (Dominique Rochelle), the kindhearted criminal who saved her life. At first the two strayed souls with hard-knock pasts bring each other peace and comfort. Then things take a turn for the worst when merciless gunmen come hunting for Zee and his best buddy/cohort, Redd (Christopher Collard). Turns out, the two wanted men made a huge blunder 'at work'. Or did they? However, many lives were brutally expended on their watch and now their ruthless boss, Danny Stunner Sr. aka Stone (Troy Coe) wants payback. So, as bullets fly and bodies fall, Lori finds herself caught smack in the bull's-eye of a bloody vendetta. In an ironic twist of fate the man who rescued her becomes the harbinger her demise - albeit inadvertently. She must decide whether to attempt to save herself or to join her two fugitive friends to kill - or be killed - as they adamantly fight their way home.



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