«Bath Day (1946)»

Bath Day (1946)

Release Date: 1946
Genres: Animation / Comedy / Family / Short /
Country: USA   
Cast: Ruth Clifford ( Minnie Mouse ), Clarence Nash ( Figaro ), Ruth Clifford ( Minnie Mouse(voice) (uncredited) ), Clarence Nash ( Figaro(voice) (uncredited) ),
Rating: 6.4
;Bath Day


Minnie gives Figaro a bath and ties a ribbon around his neck. Figaro feels like a sissy, and when he mixes it up with some alley cats, they mock him, and the leader attacks. But Figaro is so afraid that his shaking topples a series of trash cans onto the aggressor. The rest of the cats didn't see this happen, and think Figaro defeated their leader. Of course, now he's all dirty, and he needs another bath...



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