«2 Days In The Valley (1996)»

2 Days In The Valley (1996)

Release Date: 1996
Genres: Crime / Thriller /
Country: USA   
Cast: Danny Aiello ( Dosmo Pizzo ), Greg Cruttwell ( Allan Hopper ), Jeff Daniels ( Alvin Strayer ), Teri Hatcher ( Becky Foxx ), Glenne Headly ( Susan Parish ), Peter Horton ( Roy Foxx ), Marsha Mason ( Audrey Hopper ), Paul Mazursky ( Teddy Peppers ), James Spader ( Lee Woods ), Eric Stoltz ( Wes Taylor ), Charlize Theron ( Helga Svelgen ), Keith Carradine ( Detective Creighton ), Louise Fletcher ( Evelyn ), Austin Pendleton ( Ralph Crupi ), Kathleen Luong ( Midori ),
Rating: 6.4
;2 Days In The Valley


John Herzfeld deftly welds together a multitude of subplots-- a loser hitman and a cool assassin involved in an insurance scam; a washed-up director, turned suicidal, if only he had someone to care for his beloved dog; a snooty art dealer, wracked by kidney stones, cared for by his devoted assistant; a grungy deranged vice cop, now partnered with a fresh-faced rookie; and two beautiful and jealous women entangled in their deadly scheme--into a spoof of the crime thriller genre.



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